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hi guys! my name is aberdeen and i’m a queer, trans canadian youth. if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that i dropped out of high school to transition, moved out, and started working full time. everything was going very well, but I had unforeseen medical complications with my…


welcome to dencon. on your birthday you get an extra hour in the pit.


welcome to dencon. on your birthday you get an extra hour in the pit.


be part of the unchanging collection of mass and energy in the universe

become manifest as a tiny foetus created out of the unchanging collection of mass and energy through the process of your parents having sex

get born

spend approximately 12 years vaguely experiencing things


There is a new My Little Pony cartoon recently. Somebody posted a thread about it in the TVIV claiming it was better written than most kids’ cartoons (in a still-for-little-girls way, not an Adventure Time way). The creator even said it was designed so that you didn’t have to be a little girl to enjoy it, although to be honest if you’re looking to appeal to all audiences don’t write fucking My Little Pony cartoons. Originally I think most people thought it was a joke post, like that thread about the new series of Power Rangers from a while back.

Then some people actually started watching the cartoons, because it’s Alright To Do That. And then more people did and suddenly people were saying “whoa, this show is actually really good!” and then they started raving about it and buying themselves avatars. Bear in mind that this cartoon still isn’t written, like, say, Earthworm Jim or Rocko, where everyone thinks it’s great because of allegories and references or because he’s a worm in a suit. It’s a show about ponies doing girl things like having prom or arguing about hairstyles. Some people even got all uppity about it, buying avatars that say things like “Ponies. Problem?” like we’re the ones who are weird for thinking it’s creepy for mature male adults to really, really enjoy My Little Pony.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that a forum full of twenty-somethings who are usually known for being horribly cynical assholes about everything suddenly went My Little Pony crazy in a completely unironic fashion to the point where anyone who made fun of them in the thread got shouted down and I think a few people got probated. It was like something out of the fucking Twilight Zone. Really, really out there and surreal and unusual.

Eventually somebody stepped in and banned all My Little Pony talk in TVIV. I’ve sat here for the last couple of minutes staring at that sentence, wondering if it’s a real thing borne of real concepts. I mean, think about it. The SA Forums got incredibly worked up about My Little Pony cartoons to the point where mods had to say “any new threads about the My Little Pony cartoon will be gassed and the posters will be banned”. There is now a forum rule specific to My Little Pony. I’m still not entirely convinced that the whole thing wasn’t entirely in my mind. There remains, for me, the possibility that I’m sitting in an empty room at an asylum, wide-eyed and touch-typing forum posts on the plaster of my wall, hallucinating an entire internet community, unable to distinguish it from reality except in these moments where my neurons get all frazzled up and accidentally throw in a complete non-sequitur like a sudden influx of My Little Pony zealots. That, for me, is as reasonable an explanation for what happened as the idea that it all just happened like I described it.

I’ve had weirder things trigger existential crises like this, but not fucking many.

time to spend some quality time with the new Mastodon album


i postd a new video today !! here it is, “14 TED talks in 3 minutes” :) im committed to makin at least 1 video/week this summer and hopefully beyond… the previous vid was “TAKE AWAY DOCTOR PHIL’S CAR" in case u missed it

i’m dying

Thoughts on Leaving: Astronautalis in “Always Must Go”


"Gotta Knock A Little Harder"
Cowboy Bebop Movie Soundtrack

Just rewatched the Bebop movie for the first time in awhile, since I just did the whole series on shrooms a couple months ago and felt like I was missing something crucial. Itch definitely scratched.

Weird how much more I relate to this whole series after 5ish years of bouncing around the country.


Opeth - Cusp of Eternity

really all I want out of the new Opeth album is ‘more Heritage' and it's looking like it'll deliver.